Secret forest.
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A mysterious forest and and mythical creatures to go with it.~
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Welcome one, welcome all to the Secret Forest! There is no telling what might go on in this mysterious place. Many of the mythological creatures live in this dark and eerie land. Your journey to the abnormal world will start now.. Let it commence, once it does, your life will never the be same. Have fun everyone~!
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 The Humans

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Ochita "Misery" Iryo

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PostSubject: The Humans   Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:58 pm

Yep you guessed it, humans. They hold an important peace in each world.

Regular Human: These are normal humans, nothing is special about them at all.

Elemental Human: These humans are born with a natural ability to manipulate one or two elements. There for the most part very rare as only 3 out of 500 humans are born with the ability to manipulate an element.

Forcus: A Forcus is a human that has the power to Concentrate his or her element into his or her fist and use that as an attack. They never use weapons because that would take away there ability to use this power effectively. They have the strengths and limits of a human.
Ups: Focus Ability: Focuses Elemental energy to a part of the body to use as an attack.
Downs: Weapon Ability Loss: When the person has a weapon, they lose the ability to use this power effectively.

Human Container: These humans where born for one purpose and one purpose only, to be the vessels of other races. When an angel or demon or anything becomes weak, they will search out one of these humans and take over their body until they die. Once the body has been taken over the body will gain all of abilities the new soul has/had, but the original soul will remain in control.

Bona Human: Bona Human is a rare occurrence. Bona Humans have around 300 years to their life span, and they also have psychic powers, if they go into the powers in high detail, they become able to control a certain an element. Their appearance is no different to those of a normal human, but their eye color matches their destined element, yes that's right, from birth their element is decided. They seem to age 3 times slower than humans when they're growing, but gain the same amount of maturity, they show normal growth patterns until the age of 18 where their aging process slows down.
-Psychic powers, what else is there to it?
-They live for at average 300 years
-They tend to be much more intelligent
-They're just like normal humans in physique
-When you get the last stages of aging, it WILL be quite troublesome
-They hate their element's weakness, for example their element is fire, they hate being splashed with water.

Human Servant
A human Servant is a human who has come into contact with a vampire and has agreed to serve the vampire in exchange for power. With each "mark" the human and vampire become closer and closer.

First Mark
The vampire shares his/her "life force" with the human. This makes the human immune to their vampire's glance, voice and mind tricks. However, they might still be susceptible to other vampires. In addition, it becomes much harder to hurt the human servant.

Second Mark
Two points of flame from the vampire come and overtake the human. They merge into the human's eyes, causing them to glow briefly with color, and then they vanish. After this point, the dreams of the human can be invaded by the vampire. Also, the vampire can feed off the human from a distance, and can sustain their life energy by using the life energy of the human servant as opposed to drinking blood. The human will tend to eat much more than normal and the extra energy is siphoned off by the vampire and the vampire can taste the food that is being eaten.

Third Mark
The vampire drinks the blood of the human, not to death, but close enough. During this time, the initial bite might hurt, but then the scents and flows of power take over. Depending upon the vampire, the scent is different. This mark establishes a more firm link. Direct mind contact can now be opened between the vampire and his/her human servant, allowing telepathic contact.

Fourth Mark
The vampire opens a blood supply, usually in the chest, and the human servant drinks from it. The human servant is now very difficult to kill and will live as long as the vampire lives. Some human servants have been known to be several centuries old. The result is the human lives as long as the vampire does and possesses his/her strength and stamina, without giving up the daylight. Wounds heal much more quickly and they can withstand greater levels of physical pain.
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The Humans
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