Secret forest.
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A mysterious forest and and mythical creatures to go with it.~
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Welcome one, welcome all to the Secret Forest! There is no telling what might go on in this mysterious place. Many of the mythological creatures live in this dark and eerie land. Your journey to the abnormal world will start now.. Let it commence, once it does, your life will never the be same. Have fun everyone~!
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Ochita "Misery" Iryo

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PostSubject: Spirits(humanoid)    Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:05 pm

Sprites are race of human like people with the power to control elements and the planet, they seem like humans until they show you there true form where they take a colored form which show their element, they are know as the guardians of the planet, every time a sprite is born a new planet is made, but if a sprite dies so does the planet that was born with them.
The life force of a sprite can be judged by the color of their true form, Air Sprites will be a Midnight Blue if the are fully healthy but if they are dying the color goes almost clear. Fire sprites are red, water are a Light blue, Earth are green, Light are yellow, shadow will be black but when dying will be gray and a ice sprite are aqua color.

The Sprite race is a humanoids, each one has control over a single element and are joined to a world’s life. All sprites hide their true form from others so they are able to fit in with the other races, but in their true form the color form they take shows which element they control, be it from Fire, water, earth, ice, light, shadow or air. The more color in the true form they have the healthier they and the world they joined to is. Each sprite is gifted with ability from their element; the most uncommon elemental sprites are Light and shadow.

Air: The air sprite is known to be able to build a wall of air around them to block attacks, or to make a platform under their feet to make them seem to be walking on air. It is know as “Air shield”.

Fire: The Fire Sprite has the ability know as “Fire Guard”, when in need of escape, they are able to form 7 fire spheres to protect them from attack till they are out of danger, each sphere can take up to 5 hits before disappearing.

Earth: The ability known as “Jaded Earth” allows the use change of any part of the world from a new island to an earthquake, this ability allows the earth sprite to build and carve the earth around them to suit the purpose need.

Water: water has the power to heal and or give life to a person that has just passed on, this power is know as “Gaia’s rain”. This sprite power lets the user form a small but powerful drop of water that either heals or give life.

Shadow: the name of this ability is called “The Darkest Day”, this ability is only used if there is no way to escape the attack, if the user touches their enemy, there is a slight chance of attacker losing their life, but if the user of this ability is not strong enough to use this they will die.

Light: “Heavens door” is know to allow passage to any realm from the Living realm to other ones unknown to most, it is mostly used to travel quickly to other place but some times to change time, but the down side to using this ability is it drains the life of the user, if used to change one thing in the past will not allow the sprite to return to any worlds and their planet becomes dead.

Devil Glare: This is the most common ability for the strongest of all sprites. This ability allows the to copy any power that uses their element but no other.

The life force of a sprite can be judge by the color of their true form, Air Sprites will be a Midnight Blue if the are fully healthy but if they are dying the color is a go almost clear. Fire sprites are red, water are a Light blue, Earth are green, Light are yellow, shadow will be black but when dying will be gray. It is known if you are able to kill a sprite, you can take their power but the information about this is very rare to come across. Each element as their weakness and catches with their abilities so the are use very rarely. The sprite has limited use of another’s element. There was only one record of a Sprite able to use all element, this was the first sprite, be he has been lost to time.
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