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A mysterious forest and and mythical creatures to go with it.~
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Welcome one, welcome all to the Secret Forest! There is no telling what might go on in this mysterious place. Many of the mythological creatures live in this dark and eerie land. Your journey to the abnormal world will start now.. Let it commence, once it does, your life will never the be same. Have fun everyone~!
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 Ochita "Misery" Iryo

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Ochita "Misery" Iryo

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PostSubject: Ochita "Misery" Iryo   Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:28 pm

General Information

Name: Ochita "Misery" Iryo
Gender: Male
Age: (true) about 3000 (appearance) about 19
Height: 71" (5' 11")
Weight: 145 lbs
DOB: January 3rd
Appearance: Ochita's typical appearance, his hair is medium length and a brownish color. His eyes area bright red, he is usually seen in his leather like pants and a black t-shirt. He is also one of the very few vampires who can handle silver and crosses.
Ochita in his formal outfit, he tends to dress up now and again when its needed.
Feeding frenzy; if ochita goes long periods of time without eating his body will enter a feeding frenzy, his eyes will glow a bright yellow. He also picks up a more sluggish form.
Personality: Ochita acts like a typical 19 year old male usually, he likes to go out and about in the night. He enjoys hunting, he has a preference to people with dark and/or long hair. He enjoys spending time with people he cares about, he is in the middle of trying to find himself a trustworthy 'human servant.'

When around other vampires, Ochita tends to act much more mature. He tends to act as a leader-type, do to his age he expects to be respected by vampires that are younger then him.
Likes: The Night, the Moon, spending time with people he cares about
Dislikes: The Day, The sun, other vampires
Classification: genius/above average

Character Information

Race: Pure blood vampire
World: Tsuchi
  • Improved Strength and Speed
    Vampires possess strength and speed much higher than that of a human, complete with incomparable grace, a different sort than the animalistic fluid nature of lycanthropes. Older vampires have greater power and speed than younger.
  • Improved Senses
    Vampires new and old possess senses much greater than that of humans. Even the newly dead have better hearing than most dogs, and their sense of sight is much greater as well.
  • Heightened Endurance and Resistance
    Vampires are resistant to many things – in fact, regular bullets will hardly slow them down and will heal nearly instantly. Wounds dealt by silver and lycanthrope/vampire claws and fangs, however, will heal with near-human slowness. Damage inflicted by fire and holy items backed by faith, such as crosses and holy water, cause permanent scarring. -However do to age and lack of faith crosses do little damage to him, holy water still has the same affect-
  • Mesmerization with Eyes
    With direct eye contact, a vampire can mesmerize a human, hypnotizing them. This is illegal according to human law. This can be done to keep a person in temporary stasis (called mind-rolling), or have lasting effects, giving the vampire control over the human until the vampire is killed.
  • Flying/Levitation
    After a few decades as a vampire, most learn the ability of flight to varying degrees. Many have no control or grace, but others have the ability to glide, levitate, and fly with grace, speed, and power
  • Stillness/Making no Sound
    Once a vampire has existed as a vampire for several decades, he begins to come into his own power. Old vampires gain several traits, such as the ability to remain perfectly still, beyond that of anything a human can achieve. They also learn the trick of smiling without flashing their fangs – it is considered juvenile to do otherwise. Because of their grace, vampires can move similar to lycanthropes, making next to no sound. Strangely enough, other undead such as zombies and ghouls possess this same ability to move without sound.
    Waking when Threatened
    Vampires of several hundred years of age gain the ability to wake if their bodies are threatened, even during the day time. While sunlight will still destroy them, if they are inside or underground, they can rise up to kill those who attempt to slay them.
  • Read Surface Thought
    The Vampire now has the ability to read thoughts such as telepathy, enabling them to read the victims mind and what is currently being thought.
  • Day-Walking and Early Rising
    When dawn hits, all vampires no matter how powerful must fall into their slumber. However, many strong vampires, regular and Master alike, can wake once threatened, even during the day.All Master Vampires awake from the day-induced slumber earlier than regular vampires, though how much varies based on that vampire’s power. The stronger the vampire, the less sleep he needs, but once more, all vampires require some once dawn rises. Rarer and more awe-inspiring still is the ability to be awake and moving during the day, though direct sunlight will still destroy even these vampires.
  • Animal to Call
    Many Master Vampires possess the ability to call a certain animal and lycanthropes that share that beast. Through this ability, a Master Vampire can control animals and lycanthropes as his puppets. -Ochita can call wolves-
  • Human Servant
    Some Master Vampires possess the ability to take a human servant. After four marks, each successive mark bringing the human closer to the vampire, the human and vampire are linked forever. A human servant and Master Vampire share their power – Master Vampires gain another source of energy, while human servants gain increased strength, speed, senses, partial immunity to vampire tricks, and the ability to be as immortal as the Master Vampire.
  • Weaving Shadows
    Some Master Vampires possess the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness into opaque walls, forming crude shapes with them and darkening them.
  • Resistance to Silver
    While silver inflicts lasting damage on most vampires, some few Master Vampires are immune to its effects. Most Master Vampires several millennia old seem to be immune to silver, but in one case it was found in a vampire barely over a century.

  • Highly intelligent
  • control of his blood lust(to an extent)
  • Learns quickly

  • Vampire/lycanthrope claws and fangs
    Damage done to a vampire by another vampire or werewolf claws cause damage that heal at near human slowness.
  • Holy water
    Holy water will cause a Acid affect to the vampire which will permanently scar.
  • Fire
    An attack of fire will leave a permanent scar where a vampire was attacked.
  • The Sun
    Most vampires will be burned severely if not killed by direct sunlight. Even going out in the day is difficult for most vampires. However do to the time Ochita has spent as a vampire he has had time to come into contact with the sun, Ochita can last in the sun for a maximum of 3 hours before it begins to have lasting affects on him. However when in the sun he goes out in a full outfit that clothes his entire body and a hat to cover his head.
  • Entering a residence
    Vampires cannot enter a residence that they have not been invited to - places of business do not count as residences. Holy wafers placed at windows and doors can keep even invited vampires out of residences or places of business.

Other Information

Mikari Izida(Clare/Maya) - Unknown (Friend/?)
Akiri Suma - Friend?
Family: Unknown - presumed dead


Bio: Ochita was born ruffly three-thousand years ago in Tsuchi, he was born into an ancient bloodline of pure blood vampires. Over time he has matured and taken over as the head vampire in his bloodline. His powers extend even past some vampires even older then him. He has come into contact with several packs of werewolves and has even come to an alliance type term with several of them. Over time he has picked up the name 'misery.' (short bio i know...If i get time i'll make a full one)

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Ochita "Misery" Iryo

Posts : 93
Join date : 2010-09-24
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Ochita "Misery" Iryo   Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:41 am

Finished bump - I listed all of the abilities Ochita has under 'strengths' that way there would be no confusion in the future.
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Akiri Suma

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PostSubject: Re: Ochita "Misery" Iryo   Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:05 pm

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Ochita "Misery" Iryo

Posts : 93
Join date : 2010-09-24
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Ochita "Misery" Iryo   Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:58 pm

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Akiri Suma

Posts : 319
Join date : 2009-04-22
Age : 22
Location : Somewhere in Getsuei

PostSubject: Re: Ochita "Misery" Iryo   Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:59 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ochita "Misery" Iryo   

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Ochita "Misery" Iryo
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