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A mysterious forest and and mythical creatures to go with it.~
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Welcome one, welcome all to the Secret Forest! There is no telling what might go on in this mysterious place. Many of the mythological creatures live in this dark and eerie land. Your journey to the abnormal world will start now.. Let it commence, once it does, your life will never the be same. Have fun everyone~!
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 Angel of the Primordial World

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PostSubject: Angel of the Primordial World   Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:26 pm

Name: Nissha Sosuke

Gender: Male

Age: Old, though his physical appearance makes him look around 28 or 29.

Height: Nissha is around 5.11

Weight: 190

Race: Angel


When Nissha took his first berath into reality, he was already predestined to be an archangel. he was created at the physical age he is now by a certain force that is unknown to him. Though, his destony had been decided that he would be the angel to rebel against the other angels. in a couple years, Nissha began to find a certain intellectual knowledge of emotions within himself. this provided him with the doubt that the angels were wrong, since most angels beleived that they were the "pure" ones. Nissha argued that no one is pure, that everyone has a guilty sin within themselves. this caused him to get sent out of the angel's heavenly land and onto the earth were the suppossed "sinners" walked and breathed the air of their ill-gotten life (or so some currupt angels think). After doing so, Nissha was refered to as the Fallen angel, the primordial evil that took a pure angelic form. though he was called this by other angels. On the other hand, Nissha was looked up to as a great leader and a great intellectual speaker. he began to grow an army of demons and creatures in order to one day being the angels onequal plains to those whom walk the earth. though, Nissha did not do this directly. usually, Nissha takes the form of a hologram that only a couple of people can see. thus he cans peak to someone without others hearing. though, unfortunetely, other angels can see him in this hologram form.

Nissha has been doing this for quite some time and has been fighting against the angels for quite some time, gathering demons and strong warriors to one day fight the angels and anyone whom stands by theri side. he beleives that the angels need to be taught that they are no higher than anyone else. though, throughout his years, Nissha began to think that he would make a great divine entity that could govern life itself. thus his goal altered to that of trying to find the highest demension of power and achieve it in order to create an equal society. one without impurity. thus, he beleives that he will eb able to achieve such a goal by first destroying the angels, crusshing the symbol they resemble to all others that would stand against Nissha. the hope and brilliance an angel stands for, crushed under Nissha's power. this, hopefully, will bring a realization within all whom witness nissha into bending to his power. than, Nissha will create a new beginning after achieving a power like none other. or so that is his goal. he sometimes desguises his goal as his original goal, to make the angels realize they are not on a higher standing than everyone else. though, this is only to encourage others to join him. in reality, some angels dont consider themselves so high anymore. but, that does not change nissha's goal.


Sealed Physical Form:


Angel Form:




Sealed Form Ability:

Nissha has two main passive abilities that make it feared amongst other shikai's. First, Nissha has the ability to manipulate earth in a sence to dissolve it to dust like particles. The dissolve is pretty much universal to all sediment and solid. The direction of the dust can than be manipulated and can create condensed dust walls to spikes of condensed dust shooting upwards from beneath their target. The movement and the condensing of the dust can range to a very broad stratiegic level. Second, Nissha has the ability to increase the nuetral radioactive level in sediment and solids to a higher and more feared level. the radiation gives off a deep red color as it serves as an aura around the dust (the dust sediment's nuetral radiation increases do to the Nissha's innate ability). Also, it raises the radioactive level of the ground around mushy and his opponent as the radiation and heat attack the opponent almost descretely. the heat of this radiation is approximetely 250 degrees and the radiation itself can fatigue and even get the enemy ill just by fighting Nissha for too long. Ontop of this, Nissha can use pulces of radiation around him to have a constant knowledge of his targets location. doing so gives him amazing reaction time. though, this is only his Sealed form Ability.

5-7posts: the opponent gains no sideaffects from the radiation, but will feel the radiations heat and may begin to sweat and get minor fatigue.
8-10posts: The opponent becomes fatigued and begins to feel the radiation sickness building up from within.
11-13posts: The opponent feels ill and very fatigued, possible bleeding out the mouth as their physical characteristics weaken drastically do to the sickness.
14-so on: The opponent begins to expierce major radiation poisoning and becomes very ill and greatly fatigued. medical care would be required for the opponent to survive, though the opponent may have desease and even cancer that may take awhile to heal even after medical care.

Angel Form Ability:

The passive ability of Nissha's Angel Form changes the way of fighting completely. the shikai ability to manipulate the sediment and dissolve earth to dust and manipulate with radioactive aura as a weapon with a long range to somehitng completely based on close hand to hand combat. In his Angel form, the user manipulates a layer of dust to serve as another layer of skin on himself while the radiation aura is still active. than, the radiation aura on the dust seems to grow thicker and becomes much harder to cut through. even a powerful attack can not make through the armor without difficulty. the heat of the radiation is still the same as if it were in his sealed form (250) and Nissha is immune to the heat. though, since the pressure of this armor is so strong, the speed of Nissha is cut somewhat, but his streangth increases greatly, being able to block advanced abilities with his bare hands.

The fact should be noted that the passive ability of the shikai that the ground is still highly radioactive is still active, and once in bankai, the increase in radiation is equivilent to a +2 post increase for the affects.


Nissha has few weaknesses, though if one is able to use illusions or tricks of some sort, they might be able to gain the upperhand against Nissha.
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Mirana Suma

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PostSubject: Re: Angel of the Primordial World   Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:03 am

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Angel of the Primordial World
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